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Download Advantage Tutorial (html format for Windows Browser)
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Save (do not "run") the download exe file to a temporary folder on your PC (such as C:\TEMP). Then locate this file with Windows Explorer and doubleclick to run it and do the install (or use Run in your accessory programs).

On the form that appears, click "Unzip" and respond to subsequent messages. You may see an "access error" message: choose to "ignore" this - it will not affect your PC or operation. For some operating systems, the
application ADVANT32.EXE may not appear in the Start Program list (under Advantage); in this case (1) locate
ADVANT32.EXE in the installed folder C:\LOCKNOW and right-click on it to bring up the menu to create a shortcut, then (2) drag the shortcut to your Desktop for future use in opening the program.
After installation, open the application ADVANT32.EXE, which should bring up a form asking for a password
and displaying a registration number and unit ID number. EMAIL THESE NUMBERS TO US TO GET YOUR
PASSWORD. If you do not get the password form, or get any kind of error message, locate the file SETUP2.EXE in the pre-installation folder C:\ADVSFNEW and Run SETUP2.EXE to complete the installation.
We highly recommend downloading the illustrated Tutorial. Even if you are familiar with these kind of racing
programs, no two of them are constructed alike, and a format which is "intuitive" to one user may not be at
all obvious to another. It is worth taking the time to learn to operate Advantage because it does much more accurate and more difficult computations than competitors and has a number of functions found in no other program. Once installed, the Tutorial can be accessed from the Advantage Help Menu, as well as a number of "How-to tips" (like an FAQ list). The download works just like the above program downloads, except that after you click 'Unzip', and the unzip process if completed, you need to click 'OK' and then 'Close' to complete the install.
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Download Advantage Racing Software for Purchase
This page contains links to download a new installation of Advantage 4.0 Racing Software (2011 Edition) for purchase. These programs are NOT Demos, and contain many more charts and auxiliary programs than our Demos (to download a current Demo, see link below). In order to run the program, you need to obtain an initialization password after purchase. To order programs for regions other than San Francisco Bay, use link below to contact us. Dedicated links to download other regions will be added in January 2011.
There are THREE LEVELS of Advantage operation:

LEVEL 1: This includes charts, the LK Current Model, current-corrected laylines and the GPS link, but no tactical functions. ($400)

LEVEL 2: This includes many tactical functions, offshore routing capabilities and the full GPS and instrument link. ($900)

LEVEL 3: This includes a suite of special buoy racing functions, and additional offshore capabilities. ($1,900)

Each copy of Advantage has the ability to be operated as a demo at one of these three levels. If you purchase at one Level, you can apply your purchase price to the difference to purchase a higher Level.