Sample Chesapeake Currents by Local Knowledge

Local Knowledge builds hydrodynamic current prediction models for venues around the U.S. and abroad. The models are based on all available data and take into account shorelines, islands and depth variation. In some locations, such as San Francisco Bay, our current model can be adjusted with daily current measurements to "tune" it for seasonal variations. We offer software at different levels which can display the predicted currents overlaying electronic charts, and incorporate the currents into a broad range of navigational and tactical computations. Our current models are in use by top racers all over the world and are continually improved with the help of feedback from our users.

The examples below show currents in the Chesapeake. Unlike all other "tide & current" programs, LK computes current at every point, and you can add as many current displaypoints as desired to show more detail. Keep in mind that the current points shown below are just by way of example and can be freely changed or augmented.

Flood currents near Annapolis. This version of the display uses a streamer to show direction of current flow and a box containing current magnitude, in knots. The yellow boxes are additional current displaypoints added by the user. You can define various sets of such points and recall them for future use.
annap.gif (118035 bytes)
Alternative "vector" display near Chesapeake Bay Entrance, 3 hours after max ebb. The green streamers show the remaining ebb, while at other points the red streamers show early flood. In this display mode the displaypoints are computed automatically, showing the same number of points no matter what the scale. By zooming in, you see more and more detail. You can run the program live or pick any date and time.
chesent.gif (166680 bytes)

Our "Chesapeake Region" charts span from the Bay Entrance to Baltimore Harbor. The current model was originally developed for use by Mark Rudiger and Ed Baird in the last Whitbread Race, and has been augmented and corrected in years since.   Our basic "Advantage Level 1" program with latest data is just $400, and the current model is also incorporated in tactical levels 2 and 3.