Downloads and Installation Instructions for Advantage

GENERAL NOTE ON INSTALLATIONS: recent "protective" features in PC operating systems have made installation more difficult and complicated the design of installation procedures that work on all PC's. The download installation files below work on Vista, XP Home and most configurations of XP Pro, as well as older op systems like Windows 98. Other older systems like Windows 2000, and some XP Pro PC's, require an alternative method (see below). If you have any difficulty please email us and we will step you through the proper alternative. NONE OF THIS AFFECTS OPERATION ONCE INSTALLED.
                                                           ALTERNATIVE INSTALLATION PROCEDURE

1. Delete C:\LOCKNOW to start over (if created)

2. The setup file you downloaded, (e.g., ADVANTSF.EXE for San Francisco), should still be on your PC. Locate this and doubleclick to run it. BEFORE YOU CLICK UNZIP, on the form, change the unzip folder from C:\SFADTEMP to C:\LOCKNOW,  AND UNCHECK the box that says "When done unzipping run setup.exe."  THEN click Unzip. When the Unzip completes, click OK and CLOSE.

3. Download ALTINSTALL.EXE with the following link:
Save to PC and run from there to complete the install.


There are THREE LEVELS of Advantage operation:

LEVEL 1: This does not include the tactical functions, and is roughly comparable to our prior Force 2 program.

LEVEL 2: This includes many tactical functions, and is roughly comparable to our prior "Offchart Racer" program.

LEVEL 3: This includes a suite of special buoy racing functions, and expands on our prior "Force 4" program.

For more details on these functions, see Comparisons to Other Software. It also may be useful to see the full list of functions for the older programs, at LK Comparisons.

Each copy of Advantage has the ability to be operated as a demo at one of these three levels. If you purchase at one Level, you can request a demo password at any time to demo your program at a higher Level. If you have downloaded a demo, you can choose to demo more than one Level, but must demo a lower Level first. You must identify which Level you want to buy (or demo) when you contact us for your password.

Comparisons to Other Software

              LK Comparisons

STEP ONE: Downloading the Advantage Program

Click on link below to download Advantage with the chart/current regional coverage of your choice. Save the file to a temporary folder on your PC on run it from there (doubleclick on the file name) to unzip installation files and launch the install procedure. You will see a form with an 'Unzip' button. Click 'Unzip' and respond to the several messages that follow. We recommend that you install the program to the default location, c:\locknow. NOTE: for use with Windows XP Pro, first install Service Pack 2 (SP 2).
STEP TWO: Obtaining your Password

Each time you install Advantage on a new PC, or add new chart/current coverage, the setup procedure changes the registration number and may change the Unit ID assigned to your installation. When you start up Advantage (using your Start Menu or the application ADVANT32.EXE) it displays these numbers and asks for a password.

NOTE: if you don't locate Advantage on your PC's Start Menu after installation, locate ADVANT32.EXE in C:\LOCKNOW and doubleclick to start it up. Better, rightclick and use the menu to create a shortcut for your desktop and/or pin it to your Start Menu. If you start up Advantage and it comes up with an error message (or otherwise fails to display the screen with the reg number and Unit ID), use the Alternative Install Procedure above.

Email these numbers to us and we will return your registration (or demo) password. Once the password is entered, you will not be asked for it again. With a demo, each time you start the program it will tell you the expiration date and give you the opportunity to enter the registered password after you purchase the program. Please specify the Level you wish to purchase or demo when you email the request for a password.

STEP THREE: Downloading the Advantage Tutorial

Click on the link below to download the illustrated, step-by-step Advantage Tutorial, which is the quickest and easiest way to learn the program. Save the download file to a temporary folder on your PC and run it from there to create a new folder (c:\advtutor) and unzip files to it. Click the Unzip button and then OK and CLOSE to complete the process. You can access the Tutorial under the Advantage Help Menu. There is a special section of the Tutorial for the Level 3 functions. A link to this also appears on the Help Menu when your program is authorized for Level 3. The download installs both the General and the Level 3 Tutorial to your PC, to help learn the program and for later reference at any time.


ADVANTAGE DOWNLOADS (by region, complete with charts and current model)