Each year since 2000, Local Knowledge has provided current data in digital format for the Sydney-Hobart Race. These current predictions support Local Knowledge Tactical Software, and are also available in grib format for display and routing computations in all brands of third-party software (see the examples below).

2004 Sydney-Hobart Currents - Maxsea Display

2005 Sydney-Hobart Currents - Maxsea Display

syhomx04.gif (268455 bytes) syhomx05.gif (271885 bytes)

2004 Sydney-Hobart Currents - Raytech Display

2005 Sydney-Hobart Currents - Raytech Display

syhort04.gif (215708 bytes) syhort05.gif (207944 bytes)
Other programs display current predictions by showing values at the defined points in the current grib file. LK uses proprietary methods to build hydrodyamic current models which, in effect, put more points in regions where current varies more sharply. LK has a current display option (see below) which shows current vectors at a representative grid of points. The display uses the same number of points regardless of the scale, so the more you zoom in, the greater the detail. Unlike other programs, however, the display grid is not the same as the model resolution. LK programs allow the user to add current display points anywhere desired, since the model computes continuously point to point.

Current Predictions near Sydney for 2005 Sydney-Hobart Race (Force 4 - Offchart Racer Display)

sycur05.gif (70789 bytes)

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